The sixth volume of the My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me! light novel. It is written by Ghost Mikawa with illustrations by Tomari. This volume also has a Special Edition with a different cover and a special edition booklet with colour swimsuit illustrations.


Meisho and Mashiro approach each other at the fireworks display! Shocked, Ayane begins to explore her charm as an alternative to Uza. Akira, who tried to restore Ayane, became a squirrel fighting Ayane at the school festival's beauty pageant-? "I'll crush you." Bee! ”Destroy the strongest beautiful girl, Ayane Kohinata, as a woman! Akira begins to formulate her own beautiful girl plan to counter the overwhelmingly popular strong character Ayane on campus. The key to a chaotic game is the canary and the otaku-hating Chachara !? 2nd semester rush & cultural festival edition!

A special edition with a booklet that is coveted by "Imo Uza" fans is now available! In the booklet, we will deliver the "Imo Uza" short story written by Professor Mikawa, whose theme was decided by voting on Twitter. What is the short story of Uza Heroines' great success that Professor Mikawa wants to endure the unreasonableness of readers and staff? In addition, this booklet also contains a wealth of "Imo Uza" character data! New facts about Ayane and his friends are revealed one after another ...? A special booklet filled with information that interests youth romantic comedy, a must-have for fans ☆ In addition, as a result of recruiting the title in the WEB radio "My friend's sister is also on the radio", I was forced to write on the theme of "blooming yugo" × "pool flowing quickly" × "perfume", and also delivered the middle edition of the original author, Mikawa Gou! Don't miss the special edition with a booklet that also includes the long-awaited Ayaha color swimsuit illustrations and special good morning voices by the voice actors of "Imouza" all over the world!!





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