The fourth volume of the My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me! light novel. It is written by Ghost Mikawa with illustrations by Tomari. Drama CD 1 is based on this volume.


"Senpai ... Then, Senpai is me ..." Akira and Ayane were trapped in a shrine in the mountains during the "matchmaking" ritual. In front of the zero-distance Uza entanglement alone, a change in the impregnable Meisho comes. On the other hand, Kaoru, who shared her "secret" with Mashiro, was determined to explore the secret of the Kageishi family. What is the decision of Kaoru that no one in the "5th floor alliance" even expected? And when Canary, the editor in charge of Namako Makigai, noticed the "fifth floor alliance", Meisho was faced with a further challenge ...!? This time, I'm going to the sea! , Volume 4 of the swimsuit times for summer vacation !!


  • Chapter 0: Recap
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: My friend’s little sister is only clever towards me
  • Chapter 2: My friend’s little sister is only toilet towards me
    • Interlude: Mashiro and Sumire
  • Chapter 3: Only towards the little sister, memories of the friend are a topic
    • Interlude
  • Chapter 4: My homeroom teacher is only annoying towards me
  • Chapter 5: Mashiro’s editor is annoying towards us
  • Chapter 6: At the beach of youth, only I am annoying
  • Chapter 7: Mashiro’s Editor is only annoying towards me
  • Chapter 8: Only my friend’s little sister and I are skipping
  • Chapter 9: My friend’s little sister is only Bikini towards me
  • Chapter 10: My friend’s little sister is annoying towards the [5th Floor Alliance]
  • Epilogue
    • Part 1: What I should do from now on
    • Part 2: The Company President’s side
    • Part 3: Even though it was just the dropped smartphone




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