The second volume of the My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me! light novel. It is written by Ghost Mikawa with illustrations by Tomari.


Akiteru's intent on living life as efficiently as possible. Ever since Mashiro's shock revelation, up's become down and nothing's as it seems! His friend's little sister went from Annoying with capital A to Sweet with capital S?! Mashiro's grown even colder than before, and he didn’t even think that was possible! His group's script writer's suddenly swapped genres, and even Murasaki Shikibu is sticking to deadlines! What's it all mean?! And how's Akiteru supposed to stick to being efficient when nothing makes sense anymore?


  • Chapter 0: Recap
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Girl Who Confessed is Only Cold in Reality
    • Interlude: Iroha and Mashiro
  • Chapter 2: The People Around Me Are Only Weird Towards Me
  • Chapter 3: My Friend’s Little Sister is Only Kind in Reality
  • Chapter 4: Only the Club Advisor is Strict with the Sports Club
  • Chapter 5: My Teacher’s Little Sister is Only Bad at Acting
    • Interlude: Iroha and Mashiro 2
  • Chapter 6: My Friend’s Little Sister is Calm and Collected Towards Everyone
  • Chapter 7: My Fake Girlfriend is Resolute Towards Her Confession’s Reply
  • Chapter 8: Only I Apologize Towards My Friend’s Little Sister
  • Chapter 9: We’re Good at the Theatre Club’s Special Training
  • Chapter 10: My Friend’s Little Sister is Clearly Annoying
  • Chapter 11: Only My Friend’s Little Sister’s and My World
  • Epilogue
    • Part 1: The Ordinary Company President


New Characters:



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