The first volume of the My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me! light novel. It is written by Ghost Mikawa with illustrations by Tomari.


If a girl teases you, that means she likes you! Unfortunately, Akiteru knows from experience that isn’t the case. Because every girl he interacts with shows him nothing but scorn, and he’s not scored a single date from it! Luckily, he’s more concerned with securing a spot for him and his game-development buddies at his uncle’s business Honeyplace Works. But when his uncle throws him a condition that involves playing the part of his daughter’s boyfriend, Akiteru has no choice but to take it. What will his best friend’s sister Iroha, who bullies him relentlessly, think of the news?


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me!
  • Chapter 2: My Friend's Sister's Brother Has a Fondness for Me
  • Chapter 3: My Uncle's "Friend" Has a Grudge Against Me
  • Chapter 4: My Hot Teacher Has a Thing for Me
  • Chapter 5: My Friend's Little Sister Has a Thing for Voyeurism
  • Chapter 6: I Have It In for My Uncle's Daughter!
  • Chapter 7: Iroha, Ozu, Sumire, and I All Have It In for Mashiro
    • Interlude: Mashiro’s Feelings
  • Chapter 8: Me and My Friends Have It In for Mashiro So We Can Help Her
    • Interlude: Iroha’s Feelings
  • Chapter 9: My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for My Friend’s Enemies
  • Epilogue: Meeting with the President
  • Epilogue 2: Mashiro’s Determination
  • Epilogue 3: Setting Sail for Trouble
  • Afterword


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