Mashiro Tsukinomori (月ノ森 真白, Tsukinomori Mashiro?) is a second-year high school student. She is Akiteru's classmate and cousin. Mashiro is shy around strangers. However, she has a cold attitude and poisonous tongue only towards Akiteru. She is also secretly a scriptwriter as part of Akiteru's 05th Floor Alliance.


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Namako Makigai

Makigai Namako.

A light novel author whose work won first prize in a UZA Bunko competition three years ago. That work then went on to become a series which sold over three million copies, launching Makigai’s career with a spectacular debut.

There was something about the sarcastic wit in his writing, and his strangely specific knowledge about sea creatures. What impressed most people was his engrossing and innovative style, as well as how he developed his main characters. Even though his series was wildly popular, he still refused again and again to have it adapted into a manga or anime series.[2]



Akiteru Ōboshi

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Iroha Kohinata

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Sumire Kageishi

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Ozuma Kohinata

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Makoto Tsukinomori

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