Iroha Kohinata (小日向 彩羽, Kohinata Iroha?) is a first-year high school student. She is Akiteru's best friend's sister. She is a bright, kind, and beautiful honour student. However, she easily gets excited and doesn't know to how to read the atmosphere, as well as doing things in her own pace. Strangely, she is clingy towards Akiteru.


Her hair was a bright golden color, and the way it fluffed up, as well as the headphones around her neck, made her look like an emperor penguin. Her short-sleeved uniform and short skirt looked like they kept her cool in the humid heat of early summer. Without her socks, the line of her long, slender, pale legs was unobstructed from view. She was the epitome of a high-school girl, without the piercings or embellishments that would make her stand out as belonging to a particular subculture.[1]


She’s super well-dressed, but not in a flashy way, y’know?! Sh-She’s smart, polite to everyone, and she’s an honor student! She’s just so perfect![2]
Akiteru Ōboshi's Classmate


Akiteru Ōboshi

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Ozuma Kohinata

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